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FS2004 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks relating to Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9)

article Fixing Corrupt Contrails
If your contrails are looking like this:

  12-30-2005    Views: 8293   
article How can I change runway light settings?
To improve the size of your runway lights add these line under fs9.cfg / Display:...

  12-16-2005    Views: 10307   
article How can I get good looking clouds?
2D clouds are ugly - if you're seeking nice puffy 3D clouds:Use Ms ultra high default setupSet...

  12-16-2005    Views: 6431   
article Where are my saved flights stored?
Windows XP users:C:\Documents and Settings\<User_Name>\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files...

(No rating)  12-16-2005    Views: 1978   
article How can I improve the look of the ground textures?
Open your fs9.cfg file, and modify the following...

(No rating)  12-16-2005    Views: 4084   
article How can I turn off the Flying Tips?
This option is located under the Realism settings on the primary Settings screen. Open the...

  12-16-2005    Views: 10034   
article Where can I find the config file (FS9.CFG)?
Okay, since I had this problem too and it took me a while to get it, I'll share the knowledge...

  10-29-2003    Views: 8156   

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