FSNavigator 4.7

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* FSNavigator has been developed for FS2004/FS2002/FS2000/FS98
to help you find the way from one airport to another.

* FSNavigator is navigation chart, flight planner and flight
management system all in one.

* All important navigation objects are derived from the Flight
Simulator scenery files and are shown on a map of the world.

* FSNavigator is developed as a module of the Flight Simulator.
It is not an independent program.

* Within Flight Simulator you can toggle between the Flight
Simulator windows and those of FSNavigator with the key.
This key is configurable.

System requirements:
* Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / 2002 / 2000 / 98

* Important for Flight Simulator 98:
Microsoft(r) Patch Set 1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98(tm).
This patch is available at: http://fsnavigator.com/

The FSNavigator
- can be uninstalled automatically.
- does not modify any Flight Simulator settings.
- adds the file ‘...\Flight Simulator\Modules\FSNav.dll‘.
- adds the folder ‘...\Flight Simulator\Modules\FSNavigator‘.

Installation and first Steps:
* If you have a previous version of FSNavigator, don't uninstall this!
In this way your own settings, personally added flight plans
and aircrafts will be kept for the new installation.

* Extract all files contained in fsnav470.zip into a temporary
directory. Start the Setup program in this directory and install
FSNavigator for your Flight Simulators.

* Create with the external program FSNavDBC the scenery database
for FSNavigator. This needs long time.
Windows Start menu - All Programs - FSNavigator for FSx - FSNavDBC

* Download and install optional the SID/STAR package fsnavss#.zip.
This file is available at: http://fsnavigator.com/

* Start the Flight Simulator, load a Flight and use key F9 to
switch to FSNavigator. Test the other importand key Ctrl+F9.

* You are hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation
purposes without charge for 20 Flight Simulator sessions.
After this time, a registration fee is required.
* The purchased Registration Code work with all FSNavigator
Versions 4.x

You can win a free registration key:
* On every 30th computer FSNavigator will register itself directly
the first time the program is used. If this is the case, a dialog
box will inform you about it at once. In this dialog box you are
given a key for unlocking all program functions permanently. Make
a note of this key! You may need it again in case you have to
re-install your program. This free registration key differs from
the paid key by the following limitations:

- The registration key will only be valid for this computer.
- After HDD change or after formatting your C: partition,
the registration key will no longer be valid.
- You are not entitled to a replacement key in case of loss
or if your key becomes invalid.
- There are no guarantees and you are not entitled to support
from the FSNavigator Team.

The FSNavigator Team
* Updates : http://fsnavigator.com/
* Support : support@fsnavigator.com

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