Real Environment Professional

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Real Environment Professional ©2006 Real Environment Professional

Welcome to Real Environment Professional, an extensive environment upgrade package for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 9.

This package includes:

1. New sun, sun6, corona1, sunglow and suneffect.cfg

2. New aircraft spotlight

3. New airport lights that simulate a glow onto the surface

4. New Envmap (affects reflections)

5. Revised AquaPro 2006 Bright & Dark versions (base water color, wave animation and environment effects that also simulate cloud reflections in the water)

6. Trees courtesy of Feng Zhu's TreeGen v1.0

7. New runway textures (per selected WX Environment)

8. New asphalt textures (per selected WX Environment)

9. New concrete textures (per selected WX Environment)

10. New tarmac textures (per selected WX Environment)

11. Taxiway markings (per selected WX Environment)

12. Sky & environment textures

13. 3D Environment Bitmap


In order for the process to work correctly you must install this package into your C:\Program Files directory. Soon as the installation is finished REP will open. Have fun! Be sure to read the help file if you have any questions.


These files are used at your own risk. There is absolutely NO warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, for any problems arising from the use of these files. This includes, but is not limited to, any hardware and/or software problems. All use of these textures and its related files is at the user’s own risk.


Real Environment Professional is released as FREEWARE. DO NOT UPLOAD anywhere without my permission. These files may not be sold or included on a CD without prior agreement. The use of these files is at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsible.

This is FREEWARE. These files are strictly for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any redistribution, repackaging or reselling of these files in any form is expressly prohibited without the permission of the author.

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